Public domain day in Wikimedia Colombia

January 20, 2021

I wrote a blog post for Wikimedia Colombia about the public domain. There I walk through the concept of public domain, the celebration of the public domain day and the possible uses of the public domain in different Wikimedia projects.

The blog post

Tomás Carrasquilla, Colombian writer in public domain from 2021

I made a drawing of Tomás Carrasquilla, a Colombian writer in public domain from 2021. He is saying "Now on Internet too, pals!"

(...) Many countries in the world had been included around 60 years of copyright protection but in Colombia we had been assumed a higher protection than the average, as you can see in the next map. This makes more difficult that Colombian authors flow by digital channels like Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects where commons are shared and there is a strengthen public domain.

Read Public domain day 2021 in this link -in Spanish-