Illustration in collaboration

December 13, 2021

In the Catalonian summer of 2021, I asked to Ana, an artist friend to draw in collaboration. Here the result of that evening.

The illustrations

The drawings are originally digital. Ana made some tests to see how does it work, trying colours and black on white.

Saint Jordi's dragon, by Ana Kvirikashvili

Then I made my version of the hangout, sharing with friends from the PhD. I am following a lo-fi style, and of course has less quality than her drawings, I used to make very quick lines and less planning of the same scene.

David Ramírez-Ordóñez's illustration

Here Ana's version.

Ana Kvirikashvili's illustration

And finally we made something like a collaborative graphic recording, we talked about it days before. Here the result.

Collaboration between Ana and I

The lo-fi style

I really love what happens in collaborations like this one between Kevin Johansen and Liniers and those projects where the goal is to produce something in a single day, as I wrote about Beck, The Ganjas and Perrosky in a kind of musical hackathon. Dave Grohl did it for the The Hanukkah Sessions (my favourite cover from 2020 is Elastica) and I imagined doing something similar to document conversations with friends; I mentioned to Ana who is a professional artist and I was lucky because she liked the idea

We talked about draw an informal conversation with friends, nothing academic or formal, just see what comes from that. We share a very formal space because we all are PhD students, but our idea was to enjoy a relaxed environment, talking about other topics. I think to have this very nice group of friends helps a lot and even after the pandemic we could hangout, a luxury now that coronavirus cases are rising.

The focus of the lo-fi style is in how prolific you can be, not in how elaborate you are.

More about Ana's work

You can find more about Ana's work in her website.