Dutch landscape in an animated gif

April 30, 2021

Sometimes per week I go to run. I took 24 pictures from the same place where I used to sit to rest after I ran, to make this animated gif and see how the landscape is changing.

Paisaje de La Haya en un gif animado

The animation

I took 24 pictures, then I converted them into an animated gif using Kdenlive, because I tryed to make a gif using the console, the same way I use to create my presentations, but the resulting file was too big and my computer hadn't enough power to process that. Sometimes people took my place in front of the pound and that's why there are two images from other places. The last pic is from Park Güell in Barcelona and if I create a new series, for sure is going to be from there.

The pictures were taken between February 26th and April 22th, 2021. In this part of the planet it's Spring, so you can see how the grass is growing. It is a strange Spring, because in one of those days was snowing, I guess due to the climate crisis.

Finally I uploaded the animation to Wikimedia Commons, just in case you want to re use it in your own work. I published it in Public Domain, sharing is caring