Septeto Camaján's podcast and software decolonisation

March 31, 2021

Sometimes a group of friend and I record a podcast. It's a podcast to talk about the music we enjoy and we recorded many episodes, but just few of them are published. We created a website and we called it Dele plei Camaján (Play it Camajan) and without understand completely what was going on, I was part of a software decolonisation process.

Dele plei Camaján, el podcast del Septeto Camaján

Dele plei Camaján: the podcast

We had been recorded a podcast called The dog, the pig and the sheep in 2012. During the pandemic we talked about record again our talks to publish them, but only after early 2021 we did it.

This is a podcast of around one hour, where we put a topic on the table without any previous script. It's a recording of an spontaneous talk. We record more or less every 15 days and i think it's great if anybody else wants to join us, specially because many of us are working on gender and we have a gender bias in the podcast that we want to avoid.

The website and software decolonisation

I made the website on Grav, because I want to try alternatives to Wordpress, as mentioned in this other post. I am using Font Awesome and something strange happened with the Grav plugin for podcasts: when the website is using another language than English, the podcast had bugs.

I had a conversation with the developer on Github and as result this plugin moved to the version 2.1.9, fixing the bug. I didn't write a single line for this plugin, but being an user speaking a different language than English and writing to the developers to make it fit to any other language makes me think it's a valid way to decolonise the software.

I wasn't aware about decolonise the software without reading Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's Decolonising the mind, book that I mentioned in this post about the poster about Wikipedia and gender.

Listen the podcast

If you want to practice your Spanish you can find the podcast in