Wikimedia+Libraries - day 0

July 22, 2022

An illustration of what happened to me on day zero of the Wikimedia + Libraries conference in Ireland. I thought it was a weird day, but it was fun after all.

The 3 things that happened to me

Descripción de imagenDrawing on day 0 of the Wikimedia+Libraries Conference

A wet book

The first thing that happened to me was that I dropped the book I was reading in the airport bathroom sink. I was trying to close the faucet with my hand, but it had a sensor. The more I moved my hand looking for the key, the more wet my book got. I finally finished reading it on the way to Dublin, even though the book was soaking wet.

A lost driver

I took a bus from Dublin to Maynooth, which is about 30 km. Apparently the driver got distracted and didn't stop at Maynooth. When I asked him if he was going to that place he said yes, but he kept going away and away from Maynooth. At the end we arrive at Kinnegard, which is 39 km away from Maynooth.

The driver stopped the bus, told us that he had forgotten the previous stop and that he was going to return. It sounds very simple, but when you are in an unknown country and a bus could leave you in the middle of nowhere, the thing is not very funny.

Lots of people from the Wikimedia Foundation in a lift

I've never seen so many people from the Wikimedia Foundation in a lift. I imagine they are very good at playing Tetris.