Wikimedia + Libraries: day 2

July 26, 2022

Second and last day of the Wikimedia and Libraries event in Maynooth, Ireland. A drawing with 3 other human beings who are from very far and very close.

A meeting of many cultures

Four people who edit Wikipedia and are in contact with libraries.Four people who edit Wikipedia and are in contact with libraries.

On this second day I made my presentation on Wikipedia and gender, where I also explained a little about the meaning of the Colombian word parce. Afterwards, I made a video of this presentation. Jessica and me chatted at the end of the event. Very kindly, she told me to take a selfie to draw on day 2. Coincidentally Kelly and Sailesh they were there, so I drew them too.

I am amazed at how easy it is to interact with people from many cultures, who feel very close at these events, but at the same time can be very distant geographically. Well, not so much with Jessica, who turned out to be Colombian like me, but well... you know, right?

The original picture

The original picture

The presentation of the people of the Valencia land

I was moderating on this submission, which was [documented on this pad](https://etherpad.wikimedia. org/p/Valencia) in Spanish. The slides are located at this link and I narrated it in Spanish in this Twitter thread.