Hiperterminal as a web archive

May 01, 2020

With Leo were talking about start writing on different places to move what we wrote in Nomono and Hiperterminal (our previous blogs) from Wordpress to a web archive. Here some ideas about it.

The web archive

Leo proposed to move Nomono's posts to a kind of web archive, just to read it, because we are not writing there anymore. That's an interesting idea because there are useful past projects that we should keep online.

The tradition

I was writing in Wordpress for 12 years or more and change a technology that was working well sounds hard. It's true that Wordpress needs a database, but is manageable. For me Wordpress is versatile, has a strong community developing very often and how that platform interacts with other apps is what I like the most.

A new point of view

I didn't think a lot about the content. I mean, Hiperterminal was my diary when I was studiyng my bachelor. Nomono was my field diary for my master degree. Shall I use Grav for my PhD? Shall I use it in a different way?

I think this debate should not be only about technology, but include the way I am going to use it. That and if I am going to have a different approach for Nomono (and Hiperterminal) as the new Conector (the NGO I am working with) blog.